LCC Logo LCC E-Portfolio Template

Here is some text. An LCC student would write about their time at LCC here, and introduce the assignments they include as links below. The large title at the top of this page would be replaced by their name.

This web page is actually a blog with no blog entries! Using the normal interface for editing a blog template I can have links to files and images. This teaches students some very basic HTML, an employable skill.

Here is a picture, which is currently living at the main LCC website. An LCC student could include a picture of themselves (perhaps working in class on a group project) or their favorite place on campus. There are many websites that allow free storage of images.

Picture Name

Here are some links to files that are on that LCC Moodle site. If this was an actual portfolio these would each have some introduction. Note that students can put such links in paragraphs as well, as well as links to other websites.

Note the continued use of LCC Moodle as a place for files to live. This blog is simply a public "welcome" page by which a student can share this portfolio with perspective employers and the rest of the world.

Actual student files would probably have been submitted to Moodle as parts of an on-line class assignment or forum discussion. Since old Moodle class information is deleted after a few terms, students would need to find a more permanent place to archive their best work. (One example would be Google Docs.)